when someone asks me a question when i d

When someone asks me a question that I don't want to answer... This sheet was created with a 19-yr old young man who did not know how to react when asked a question which he didn't wish to answer. His red responses made him appear strange and socially 'off.' We listed better green alternatives for the same predicament.

behavior chart

Behavior Chart This classroom behavior chart included a breakdown of skills that the child needed to work on throughout the school day. This type of behavior chart is often more helpful than a rating chart that simply indicates general performance such as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Poor.

answering immediately vs. ignoring

Answering Immediately vs. Ignoring This chart shows children the difference between Green-answering immediately and Red-ignoring.

passive, assertive, aggressive

Passive, Assertive, Aggressive I use this chart often to show children that there are 3 styles they can use to relate to other children. Oftentimes, both Passive and Aggressive styles will not yield very positive results; on the contrary, it can create further problems. Assertive is the way to go!

voice chart

Voice Chart Children can learn to modulate their voice as well as when to use which voice.