when someone asks me a question when i d

When someone asks me a question that I don't want to answer... This sheet was created with a 19-yr old young man who did not know how to react when asked a question which he didn't wish to answer. His red responses made him appear strange and socially 'off.' We listed better green alternatives for the same predicament.

dishonest family

Dishonest Family This page in the book of one student helped her recognize that Dishonesty can take many forms and they are all related.

self insulting vs. self praising

Self Insulting vs. Self-Praising This child was constantly putting himself down, often in front of classmates. It was hard for his peers to think positively of him especially if he criticized himself. He needed to learn to be self-praising and to project a positive image of himself. The more he respected himself, the more his classmates started enjoying his company.